About us

Designcircle specialises in logo design and identity development. We are obsessed and passionate about communicating unique business identities that are memorable and relevant to our client’s needs. Such results are attained through a combination of great ideas, insights, research and experience.

emblemThís obsession with logo and identity design is a result of Mornay Leander who saw the need for professional identity design for start-up, small and micro businesses. Mornay was involved with the design of the South African parliamentary emblem in 2006 (read more). “Logo design has always been my passion and I’m obsessed in creating lasting and unique identities for companies”!


Q: Why should you care about a professional identity?
A: If you do have a professionally designed identity other companies will take you serious; you stand a better chance in getting business if you perceived as professional!

Our goal

To create professional and lasting business identities for start-up, small and micro business.




Designcircle managed to get my company successfully out there.
N.Jacobs – Liyoko Beauty Salon

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